The Next Day, circa today

So, it finally came. The official page on Facebook has been blowing up my newsfeed with updates (dare I call it "hype"?) about the album, and photos of covers across Europe being graced by Bowie in anticipation of a "comeback".

But I have to confess, after hearing that first song, "Where Are We Now?" I was a little nervous. It was a baffling choice for a lead single. Then came "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" and that one had a livelier pulse, but still seemed stiff. I was a little tiny bit nervous that this album would perhaps fall short of the breath of fresh air we have been waiting for.

David, David, what shall I do? I was a bit of teenage wildlife! You shouldn't mess with me. Do I need a friend? Well, we need one now. All the "heroes" of my age crumble, like kings of oblivion. They only could dream of the empire you built and then ahhh, you were gone- did you think we'd blow our minds? We counted the years, singing "Will you rock and roll with me?... It's time we should be going." (Number of song references just made: 10)

Well, I am sorry I doubted you.

It will take a few weeks for the dust to settle and then we will see what we really have here, but my initial impression is one of great positivity. The singles, which seemed odd and in some ways laughable on their own, are actually part of a coherent and fascinating whole.

I lay on my bed, perfectly still but for breathing, just listening, while my husband sat by, studying. We jumped into the car to go get a bite to eat afterward and I had to have him turn off the radio. I wanted to keep what I had been hearing in my head awhile longer. Some things, sometimes, will do that to you. Or at least to me. There is a lot to process on this record, though.

I held out to buy the vinyl album, which will arrive in a couple of weeks, at which time I will break it down more methodically and objectively. Until then, let's use but one standard by which to measure an album: if you are sorry when it's over and you can't wait to start it over again, there was some definite success there for the artist. I am eager to have another listen. You can join me in doing so on Spotify.

Welcome back, Mr. Jones.

I would ask what took you so long, but I think it's pretty obvious.

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  1. This is timely, as we just watched the video for "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" the other night. I was disappointed. The single fell flat for me, and somehow I expected a Bowie/Swinton collaboration to be exactly that weird but slightly more mind-blowing, I guess? Good to know the album in its entirety is worth a listen.

  2. Right? It was so promising in premise and it fell so flat by itself! Just like the previous single. But don't worry, he was holding out. Listen to "(You Will) Set the World on Fire" and you will feel better. On the whole, the album is pure Bowie, which is what we've always loved about him.