I Hate Valentine's Day vs. 2013

I really think I would b doing the world a disservice if I didn't take advantage of the fact that today is Valentine's Day. Much ado about love is music's middle name, after all. I may as well toss in my handful of heart shaped confetti and join the fun.

I'm somebody's "Valentine" for the first time in recent memory. If you'd told me a year ago today I'd be married by Valentine's Day 2013, I would have laughed and rolled my eyes. If you'd then told me to whom I'd be married, I would have gone quiet and silently judged you for a crazy person. If you told me my Valentines Days after this one would all at least have one pleasant thing in common (my husband) I would have thought of the really unfortunate previous 3 or 4 and smiled grimly.

But here I am (happily) and here we are (happily) and we don't even have an organic song that is "our song". It bugs me sometimes but I don't think there is anything I can do about it... Sort of like how you can't intentionally coin a nickname, you can't really reach back in time and make a theme song happen. (And if you watch anything I have linked to, this would be the one. Hawksley Workman is a vastly under publicized artist here in the US, IMHO, and here he is sharing his views on the importance of "our song" in a way Taylor Swift will never be able to.)

My sister is the authority on the Single Awareness Day playlist. She used to make one every year. We have different tastes but I'd get a listen or five out of them. (Left to my own devices, my own version of an anti-Valentines mix would have been an entire CD, 14 tracks, of The Smith's song "I Know It's Over"- which is a truly dismal tune. I think an entire CD of it could probably drive someone into a deep and stolid state of manic depression. True to our characters perhaps, her anti-love playlists are full of fire and vengeance and mine tickle your tear ducts.) I have recreated the 2009 edition on Spotify under its original title: Garden Variety Misanthropy (how legit is that??) I apologize for (and click my tongue at) Spotify's painful lack of Placebo music, though. That playlist should have 2 really choice selections from Placebo, one being "Song To Say Goodbye" and the other being "Infrared" but Spotify isn't perfect yet.

So I can catalogue my sad years by her lists but what's a blissful newlywed to do?

I guess I could sketch Valentine's Day 2013 thusly:

1. "God Gave Me You"by Blake Shelton
This is his choice. He felt love should be like this.
2. "A Place Only You Can Go"by NeedToBreathe
This is my choice. I knew anybody who married me would have to accept my shortcomings, and I have to tell ya,there is nothing like being married to someone amazing to identify in yourself a slew of shortcomings. This song was our First Dance.
3. "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
This is what I feel when I'm feeling in love.
4. "Golden Years" by David Bowie
This tune is pure positivity. I wanted this song played at my wedding reception but somehow the DJ and I miscommunicated and it got skipped.
5. "Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now" by Joss Stone
This song is romance and soul, and I didn't like it til I actually was in a happy relationship.
6. And finally, "Not With Haste"  by Mumford & Sons

I hope your V-day was amazing. Mine turned out to be. I came home from a night shift to find my wonderful Prince Genuine waiting at the table with chocolate, a rainbow array of roses, and a heart-themed stuffed dog. He said,"I'm sorry I'm not as good at being romantic as you. But I wanted you to come home to something special."

Roses or no roses, my friends, I always do. :)

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  1. This was such a sweet post, I love hearing about how happy you are :)(I also love the fact that your sister would make you singles awareness playlists)Also, I'm reading your blog 1) because I wish to support your writing endeavors 2)because I don't get to see you in person nearly enough! Mucho Love